Note: Posters should be set up on Tuesday morning (September 18) from 08:00-10:00 a.m. and will be displayed during coffee breaks, lunch and during the Welcoming Reception (18:00-20:00, Tuesday 18-09-18). Poster presenters should man their poster area during the display times, the rest of the time they are free to attend the conference sessions.
 "Molecular Weight Determination of Lignin by SEC/MS and Preparative SEC/MALDI-TOFMS”
N. Takemoto, Toray Research Center, Inc., Japan
 “Structural Characterization of Willow Lignin (Salix matsudana cv. Zhuliu) Extracted with Deep Eutectic Solvent (DES)”
Y. Liu, T. Li, G. Lyu, Y. Wu, H. A. M. Saeed, G. Yang, J. Chen, Qilu University of Technology, China and University of Gezira, Sudan
 “Pyrolytic lignin: from by-product toward valuable chemical to produce rigid polyurethane foams”
T. Saffar, H. Bouafif, F. L. Braghiroli, S. Magdouli, A. Koubaa, University of Quebec in Abitibi-Témiscamingue (UQAT), High school of Abitibi-Témiscamingue (CÉGEP de l’Abitibi-Témiscmaingue), Canada
 “Extraction and characterization of lignin and protein from pulp and paper mill biosludge”
T. Meyer, M. Arefmanesh, O. Meouch, E. A. Edwards, E. Master, University of Toronto, Canada
 “Reaction Pathways in Non-specific Oxidation of Kraft Lignin with Ozone”
O. Musl, T. Rosenau, A. Potthast, S. Böhmdorfer, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Austria and Åbo Akademi University, Finland
 “Alkaline oxidative cracking of lignocellulose into lignin-derived mono-aromatic compounds and
      processable carbohydrates”
G. Lyu, X. Ji, G. Yang, J. Chen, Qilu University of Technology, China
 “A two-step route to make esterified lignin derivatives using a greener approach”
L-Y. Liu, Q. Hua, S. Renneckar, University of British Columbia, Canada
 “Organic acid lignin from rice straw in phenol-formaldehyde resin preparation for plywood”
M. S. Jahan, S. Sutradhar, M. A. Quaiyyum, BCSIR Laboratories and Dhaka University, Bangladesh
 “Separation of phenolic acids, aldehydes and ketones from lignin oxidation mixture by adsorption in SP700 resin”
D. E. Gomes, A. E. Rodrigues, University of Porto, Portugal
 “Oxidized and sulfomethylated lignin as a coagulant for aluminum oxide suspension”
A. E. Kazzaz, P. Fatehi, Lakehead University, Canada
 “Self- assembly of kraft lignin-acrylamide polymers”
A. Hasan, P. Fatehi, Lakehead University, Canada
 “Production of sulfomethylated lignin-acrylic acid polymers”
Z. Alkhalifa, A. Ghavidel, P. Fatehi, Lakehead University, Canada
 “Sulfonated lignin-styrene polymer: production and characterization”
N. Ghavidel, P. Fatehi, Lakehead University, Canada
 “Synthesis of Carboxyethylated Lignosulfonate”
K. Bahrpaima, P. Fatehi, Lakehead University, Canada
 “Adsorption performance of carboxymethylated lignin on an oppositely charged model surface”
N. Alipoormazandarani, P. Fatehi, Lakehead University, Canada
 “Interaction of lignosulfonate and PDADMAC”
Z. H. Feizi, P. Fatehi, Lakehead University, Canada
 “LignoForce Lignin Extraction Pilot Plant”
A. D. Jeswani, , S. VanCaeseele, J. Kelly, J. Foan, J. Wearing, NORAM Engineering & Constructors, Canada
 “Hydrolytic treatment of black liquor for the production of low molecular weight depolymerized kraft lignin (DKL):
        Effects of process parameters”
Z. Ahmad, N. Mahmood, Z. Yuan, M. Paleologou, C. Xu, Western University and FPInnovations, Canada
 “Production of cationic lignin-based flocculant”
S. Wang, F. Kong, S. Sabaghi, and P. Fatehi, Qilu University of Technology, China, Lakehead University, Canada
 “Dispersion performance of lignosulfonate in coal water slurry”
M. K. R. Konduri, P. Fatehi, Department of Chemical Engineering, Lakehead University, Canada
 “Catalytic conversion of lignin to valuable phenolic chemicals”
W. Jeon, J-Y. Park, I-G. Lee, K-R. Hwang , Korea Institute of Energy and Research, Korea